NITES Billing and customer care is designed to provide the advanced environment for individual care of our clients.
With sophisticated product catalog, allowing creation of unlimited number of tariff plans and offers, state of the art convergent invoicing allowing consolidation of multiple bills on a single invoice for the convince of enterprise customers, to advanced collection and accounts receivables that operates with any of the leading ERP and GL solutions, work with NITES Billing and customer care becomes a game of winning over the market.
Most of all, driven with the convergent offering, which will rapidly become the main stream, NITES allows convergence of telecom and utility services, driving into faster adoption of new business models


Flexibility, accuracy, robustness and convergence are the driving power behind the market unique NITES Billing and Customer Care. We allow you to make the trends with genuine individualization of offering through dynamic pricing and discounting and convergence of multiple services into a single invoice, drive efficiency of your cash flow with multiple payment schemes and advanced collection

NITES BCC allows you to turn your data into competitive advantage with predictive analysis, but most of all a tool to help you influence your customer’s behavior to achieve reduced CO2 emission, thus greener world for the next generations.



NITES Billing and Customer Care is designed to to enable high productivity of your employees by allowing configuration instead of customization of the system. With flexible creation of templates for invoicing, financial reporting, debtor treatment plans and possibility of offering convergent invoices, NITES BCC is the genuine market leader allowing our clients to benefit from better peak planning, outage reduction, cash flow management and faster time to market for new services roll-out.


With the possibility of making the individualization of tariff plans and dynamic pricing and discounting of services provided, your marketing and IT departments will be able to significantly increase the customer experience. By using the sophisticated features that support in-house displays, which are proven to change the customer’s behavior, NITES BCC will provide you with tools for fast campaign management creation, demand response, possibility of distributed generation, SCADA and geographical information systems – all you need for enlightening your smart grid.


360⁰ View of Customers

View entire history of customers activities on the network, present it with the real-time analysis and propose actions for Customer Service Representatives on how to perform further sales or enhance customer experience

Fully configurable

NITES BCC is designed based on the principles of system configuration rather than customization, which increases user-friendliness for handing the system and reduces the back-office personnel and change requests costs

All payments in one place

Based on received payment file processing or a call of the online payment interface, the system is able to automatically recognize a payment and relate it with the customer’s personal account balance


Truly corrigible

Whether it is an unprocessed payment from the client, mistake made by the bank or simple on-site payment, our system is capable of manually changing the current status of the customer’s balance

Advanced customer management

Allowing utility service providers to engage their customers using various channels including web based self-care, convergent invoicing for all utilities (gas+water+electricity), notifications on current status and usage of services

Configurable industry packages

Utility providers can get a kick-start by using pre-configured “Industry Packages” – customization based on configuration, not programming


Unlimited creativity in Tariff creation

Full control over products and services allowing unlimited number of tariff plans for each targeted group that enable utility service providers with innovation in the way they address their customers

Comprehensive collection management

Genuine revenue protection with remote or automated disconnection of debtors decreases bad debts, which can be set by using thresholds and multiple scenarios for dunning or notifying customers about their balance status

Flexible Document formatting

Using invoices as the advertising space to reach thousands of households and ensure new revenue generation or higher customer satisfaction by embedding the usage analytic or any other message according to utility services provider’s preferences





NITES BCC helps Utility service providers transform their organizations into the process driven operations. By supporting millions of transactions in batch and online mode, NITES BCC features extremely high efficiency from bill preparation to bill dispatch.

Using the well accepted principles of “doing it right in the first time”, brand new design of NITES BCC helps your operations issue accurate bills no matter the number of transactions, tariff plans and modulations in prices based on discounts and bonuses.

With all in one package, connected with other applications using the standard based ESB, NITES BCC brings ease of operations and reduced operational expenditures for system administrators and number of technical staff, leaving utility service providers to focus more on their customers and increase of services experience.





SaaS : 95%

*50% presents the average solution, 75% presents the best in breed solution currently available on the market



Already historical approach of issuing the bills once a month or even once a year is replaced with the possibility of providing the hot bill functionality, which in few moments and any time allows your customers to settle the bill. From mediating, through pre-processing, to tariff creation, customer activation, provisioning, invoice definition and printing, NITES BCC provides a scalable product, which can serve from just a few to several million of customers, without any changes in its architecture or coding, simply, extending the processing power and storage


Heavy duty performances of NITES BCC are enabled following SOA based principles, allowing multi-tenant operations or running in a virtual environment allowing the most effective usage of every processor and minimization of expenses on power consumption and database licenses. Technologies underlying the application are careful selected based on industry leading Java, for front face interfaces and Windows or Linux operating systems for simplified administration and high performances, all powered with Oracle DB for awesome display of power


By coming pre-packed with other NITES application using the intra-application standards based ESB following the principles described in IEC 61968, NITES BCC is compatible with any and all north and south bound systems in utility service provider’s applications ecosystem. With industry based packages that are easy to configure, its compatibility brings high performance and convenience in every day operations


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