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We are young and growing and we are always seeking intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, dedicated and responsible individuals to join us in a variety of roles.
Working at NITES means taking responsibility, mastering challenges and continuously growing as part of a diverse and multinational team.
Our company is offering opportunities for the individuals looking to open to new ideas and possibilities, travel to meet new challenges with clients, expand horizons with innovative approaches to the product development or solution design, improve skills by learning from highly experienced engagement, directly influencing Company’s strategy and enjoy the taste of success


NITES can be your ideal choice for successful career.
We offer careers in different positions and in different countries suitable for:



NITES always seeks for talented Software Developers, Web developers, .net developers, Java and J2EE developers, PL/SQL developers, etc.

If you are interested in developing, have a good IT knowledge, if you an have an eye for the details and ability to meet deadlines, our company should be a very good start for your successful career.

Working with multinational company NITES, is an excellent opportunity to open up your world to new ideas and possibilities, travel to foreign and exotic countries, expand your horizons, improve your skills, gain new experience and enjoy the personal satisfaction of directly influencing Company’s strategy.


Do you already have successful career, but you are looking for new challenges? Then NITES can be a perfect place for you. We will support you in sharing with us your knowledge and achieving personal growth. As a Product Vendor, we have a need to continuously keep up with the trends and be more creative.

If you share the passion of making this WORLD BRIGHTER, to make an impact, innovating for the better, then come and join us.



How can I apply?

Send us your CV and Motivation letter in English on


What is the next step?

We will contact you in few days, via e-mail, to provide you with our opinion. If we don’t contact you in few days, please send us your application again.

Please note, that in case of a large number of qualified candidates we will send you a proper testing task. Testing task will be send to your contact e-mail address. In case you haven’t received it, check your spam folder, just in case. If you still didn’t receive anything from us, try to contact us again.

What is the testing task?

To determinate your knowledge and to choose best candidates, we prepared for every position different testing task. Testing task is usually first step in hiring process.

Beside good results of testing task, we do take in consideration time you’ve spent in conducting the task, which can be an important element in determining the best candidate.

I sent a solution for a testing task, what I can expect now?

NITES team will check your solution and inform you about the results. Sometimes this requires some time, so we would like you to know that we appreciate your patience.

In case that your solution was good, we will contact you to schedule up the interview.


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