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NITES CLM is the next-generation system that enables big enterprises (both Utility and Telecom Service providers) to use loyalty functionality from a single centralized management system to transact with, interact with, and reward customers across any and all channels.
Providing loyalty capability to point of sale (POS), e-commerce and call centers is a minimum that one services provider can do for its end users. Mobile and social capabilities continue to emerge in importance and NITES is ready to support it by providing the state of the art technological solution, with experience that has helped many service providers achieve higher customer satisfaction, thus generate customers loyalty into new revenues, to sustain the top line growth of the company.


Data collection and mediation

Allows collection of data from multiple sources, including integration with:

  1. Billing system
  2. IN-prepaid systems
  3. AMI
  4. MDM
  5. CRM

The integration is archived either trough the development of the proprietary interfaces or by using commonly used XML web-service interface, file interchange or interface database tables

Loyalty accounts

NITES CLM system supports two level hierarchy of the accounts. Those levels are handling all necessary accounts data – such as name, address, VAT number, email, Web, etc., as well as all detailed information on the other level that represent the member status within the program as well as current number of bonus points, including aging of points and allowing for deletion of points after expiry period

Product catalog

NITES CLM system features state of the art product catalog, which includes a complete list of all events and services for which bonus points are calculated. In addition, product catalog within the system comes packed with an open interface that can be connected to other external reward product catalogs

Bonus Programs

NITES CLM system enables creation of unlimited number of bonus programs. Each bonus program defines rules of bonus points calculation for all members with such program. Bonus program rules define algorithm for determining number of bonus points accrued or redeemed for each item defined in product catalog, and the customer can be assigned with one or multiple programs depending on provider’s preferences

Bonus program calculation

Each event collected within the NITES CLM is processed in accrual process according to rules defined in the assigned bonus program and all valid modifiers. Bonus point calculation enable:

  • Event charging – allowing allocation of fixed number of bonus points for each occurrence of specified event
  • Time/volume-based charging – allowing allocation of bonus points proportional to the number of charging time/volume-units defined in the corresponding rate
  • Value-based charging – allowing allocation of bonus points proportional to the financial amount of the collected event

Rewards redemption

To engage the end users more in the loyalty program, NITES system is allowing selling of all gifts defined in product catalog to the loyalty member according to price defined in the bonus program and all valid modifiers.

The collected bonus points can be used in preferences of service provider, most commonly using FIFO method. Bonus points are updated in real-time, avoiding that way any bed depth or potential need to change the status of the bonus level achieved by the end-user

Partner clearing

NITES CLM not only engages the end-users, but service provider’s partners too. The system tracks exact information on the number of points accrued from events of the partner’s system as well as the number of points used for member rewards in partner’s systems.
NITES CLM has ability to provide periodical report indicating total number of accrued and redeemed points by each loyalty program partner, and also total financial value according to exchange rate defined in the system


NITES CLM system allows in depth analysis of campaigns by providing:

  • Analysis of demographic structure of member database by any of the parameters available
  • Analysis of time variation of customer base (number of new accounts, closed accounts by time periods)
  • Analysis of accrued points by event types, sources (including partners), time period and any of member categories
  • Analysis of redeemed rewards by types, sources (including partners), time period and any of member categories
  • Analysis of partner clearing volume by time period
  • Analysis of campaign efficiency KPIs (reach, hit rate, response rate, success rate,….)


NITES CLM supports end user segmentation for preparation of campaign target groups. Segmentation is using any of the data defined for loyalty program members, as well as information about customer lifetime value and churn probability from external data sources.

In addition, NITES CLM supports definition of dynamic target groups used for triggered campaigns by specifying any combination of member parameters, external analytic data, redeemed rewards and information in collected accrual events

Campaign management

NITES CLM represents the multi-channel next generation loyalty and rewards system that allows communication with customers using any and all channels, including E-mail, USSD, SMS or export to external communication systems.

With possibility to create the one-time or scheduled campaigns, NITES CLM system also comes with configurable thresholds that allow automatic assignment of gifts after reaching defined number of point, providing that way automation of business process and lowering the operational costs






*50% presents the average solution, 75% presents the best in breed solution currently available on the market


NITES CLM allows our customers to: 1. Solve customer and industry pain points 2. Maximize difference between perceived value and real cost 3. Allocate loyalty reinvestment to the most profitable customers NITES CLM allows you to go for an extra mile that bring genuine value to your customers




Loyalty programs are not only growing, but they are also becoming more tightly integrated with the supporting brand and services experience.
NITES CLM is offering consumers a seamless experience across multiple point of sale, the Internet, phone and mobile channels.
Mobile operators and utility service providers and other Large Enterprises must think beyond the concept of a me-too, points-based loyalty program and implement NITES CLM to reap the full benefits of customer loyalty, provide a differentiated experience, consistent with their brand, resulting with a quantum leap of change in their brand adoption and end-user’s preference.
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