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What we do at NITES

NITES powers more than 9 billions of Smart business transactions every quarter. And industry analysts agree: NITES is the innovation leader in Smart customer experience solutions. We provide unique platform that help companies, government agencies deliver seamless digital experience across value network as well as consumers and citizens to live quality. We rely on modern technologies to enable simplicity and innovative business models that are environmentally friendly. From consumption of energy and other resources, health care to public or telecommunication services – every moment counts.

  • 2007

    NITES was founded with a $300,000 loan from founder’s families to leverage the principles of telecommunications & IT convergence in the Utilities industry.

  • 2008

    First NITES project completed for “Elektrokrajina Banja Luka” customer. The company’s unique system gave advent to the capability referred to as AMM (Automated Meter Management) that unlocked the potential of Smart Metering.

  • 2012

    The team have reached count of 100 employees. NITES became a regional leader in Smart Grid enabling digitization and automation of key processes in backbone and last mile power distribution.

  • 2013

    NITES brings biometric identification capabilities into the e-government services to enable new customer experience for Bosnian citizens.

  • 2015

    NITES disrupts the traditional healthcare space as public services migrates from legacy manual operations to new digital services such as e-receipt.

  • 2018

    NITES launches the Grid technical losses sampling as a part of broader strategy to automatically uncover meaningful correlations between utility consumers, distributors and producers. Innovative Smart City projects are being run in several countries.

  • 2020+

    The future of Smart experience. In near future, almost any citizen, directly or indirectly, will engage with Smart technologies coming from different industries. Blended AI will offer human value-add where it is most desirable, while automation will handle most of the complex services.


Meet the NITES team

Miodrag Skrbic

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bojan Kisic

Chief Executive Officer

Borislav Bacevic

Chief Financial Officer

Dalibor Borovcanin

Chief Sales Officer

Vanja Ozegovic

Chief Technology Officer

Goran Ozegovic

Director Product Development

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Build your career with the company that’s defining the future of smart solutions. Join our team of smart, interesting, innovative people who bring their best every day, in all that they do. At NITES, you’ll be part of the team that enables leading brands worldwide to deliver exceptional digital experiences. Are you ready?

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Nikola Tesla Legacy

"Technological solutions must be developed to perfection, according to the principles of nature and at the same time usable for everyday life."

Nikola Tesla


"Therefore all NITES' solutions have only one goal of consistently improving the quality of life while keeping the environment in balance."

Miodrag Skrbic, NITES Chairman

Strong brands team up with NITES