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Strong brands team up with NITES

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Use the latest digital innovations right now

You get instant access to new functionality and innovations combining AI, Open Data and IOT that let your ecosystem thrive.

Simplify your technology infrastructure to achieve operational agility

You get the best customer and value network experience capabilities from a single, open technology platform.

Build game-changing services with a modern SaaS platform built for security, resiliency and growth

You get a trusted, multi-tenant and microservice-based digital patform empowering your value network and stimulating growth of 3rd party community that can deliver their innovative services on top of the platform.

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We turn the customer experience into a strategic differentiator.

NITES BSS isn’t just any software platform – it’s indstry’s unique.

A scalable microservice-based architecture you can trust

We’ve spent more than 10 years refining and testing our development concept and platform architecture to comply with evolving industry practices and standards. You get a platform that is battle-tested and hardened for large scale use.

A secure platform that guards your data and assets

Know that your assets and data are safe. Our team of security and privacy experts works hard to keep you protected from threats. Our platform uses strong encryption, transaction isolation, audit trail, segregation of access and conforms with information security standards, industry best practices and regulatory requirements. NITES BSS enables configured or immedate execution of bulk-operations that help you to efficiently manage risk of failure of your assets in case of cyber atacks, operational incidents such as infrastructure overload or during maintenance.

An open platform that welcomes third party applications and diverse underlying infrastructure.

Use your existing assets and build new assets seamlesly by connecting your processes, data and systems.

NITES BSS. A platform where technology meets purpose.

Bring your business into the next level with a technology stack enabling easy to use, quick to deploy services and rapid innovation wherever you want to go in the future.

Embrace the IOT

Roll your smart services rapidly by giving your customer a choice what IOT devices they want to use. We let you work on development of great products while NITES BSS platform seamlesly orchestrates data acquisition from range of IOT devices as well as management of those devices. The platform supports number of communication channels and protocols including featuring technologies such as fly-by and keeps adding new.

Make your data big and meaningful

Quantify behavioral patterns of your customers and performance of your assets by mastering your measures based on distilled set of data that instantly combines both structured and non-structured data in large scale.

Next station cloud

Set the demarcation line to protect your critical assets, balance CAPEX on your balance sheet and scale up your applications, data and life cycle of your services easily through secured cloud infrastructure.

Get inspired by AI

Take advantage of new NITES BSS platform capabilities driven by artificial intelligence (AI). You will save hundreds of hours of analyzing your infrastructure capabilities, behavioral patterns and endless number of influencing factors in order to make data driven decisions or develop great services that meet your operational and business goals.

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Strong brands team up with NITES