NITES Group is featuring a broad service portfolio (including comprehensive IT implementation / development / integration / consultancy) that rises us above SW products vendors with true SYSTEM INTEGRATOR capabilities, and other integrators due to own application development allowing us to provide genuine end-to-end solutions and in-house service expertise for our clients
NITES value model proposes professional services and system integration for complete smart grid operations. With carefully selected team of experts, directed by experienced management, skilfully blended into the exiting process of Utility Service Providers, this combination allows the end to end process design, definition, implementation, development and management for a true convenience of our clients and significant reduction of operating expenses



Through the comprehensive set of pre-deployment services, NITES is helping its clients archive the full combat readiness of both IT systems and human resources needed for implementation of the complex BSS systems.

Well balanced set of consultancy and training with supreme analytic skills, specialized value engineering team and capable support staff, allows our clients to understand the current situation on the market, select the right vendors and justify the feasibility for the new system implementation in front of management and shareholders.

A well defined project implementation plan, communicated and agreed with clients dramatically reduces the deployment time, solves potential problems before they affect the business and positively manages the expectations.

NITES engineers and consultants are working with our clients to review and clear up the solution design of the new system and map it to the business requirements and industry best practices.
Trough the well established practices, NITES enables smooth migration to the new solutions and provides the proven methodologies for testing against errors.

After the successful launch of the new system, post implementation services ensure that the system is stable and operates efficiently.

Trough the extensive set of services in post implementation deployment phases, during systems exploitation, NITES is providing and documenting recommendations of how to improve the stability, efficiency and maintainability of the entire IT systems, while the value engineering team ensures the consulting on how to best address the new segments or how to best configure the new services to ensure the maximized usage of the systems and striking breach on targeted markets.


NITES manages to carefully blends together state of the art technologies with extended support services which, when combined, creates a solution across the entire METER TO REVENUES process. This allows our clients a solution, which can bring technology enablers and solution accelerators in harmony to protect revenues and improve operational efficiency of entire company.




In addition to providing AMI as technology enablers, NITES proposes a set of services that work as accelerators to kick-start the effective operations of our clients.



Future-proof processes design, its implementation, change management and knowledge transfer, that shortened time to market and increase organisational readiness with NITES’ expertise
Execution of processes includes integration of multiple business applications, namely MDM, CIS, billing, self-service portals, security credit management and collection systems, easily handled by NITES’ or Partner products
Achieve operational efficiency in complete elimination of on-field meter data collection, and reduced truck rolls that lead to reconciliation of our clients with existing workforce transferred on mission critical processes and customer iterations


Faster alarm interventions including connections and disconnections, reduced billing errors, usage tracking and consumption management, and support of budget sensitive consumers through optional prepay services
Allow detection, analysis and response to various meter events and alarms such as outages, physical tampering, meter bypass and meter reversal
Increase security of your field workers and reduce truck roll-outs for false outages or temper attempts


With the introduction of new applications that lead to modern AMI infrastructure, according to NITES’ experience, leads to complete change of business process in providing services and significant improvements in operational efficiency, which at the end is resulting with reduction in customer outflow, optimization of business costs, maximization of revenue based on new services and encouraging new-innovative offers. This makes our clients prepared for expected deregulation at the highest possible competitive level, both organizationally and product offering wise.


Managed/Professional Services

  • Full implementation of NITES and Partner’s portfolio and integration with ERP / CRM / Billing and other applications
  • Silver / Gold / Platinum SLA support offering
  • Technical help desk / customer service support (CSS) system via web
  • Performance Monitoring and Performance Management,
  • Application / Data Backup and recovery
NITES Services Value Chain


Field services

  • On site meter reading
  • Meter maintenance
  • Concentrator maintenance
  • Meter installation
  • Metering point preparations
  • Reallocation of metering porting
  • On field security of meters and concentrators
  • Outsources security process from end – to end
  • In Home Displays mounting
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