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Team up with NITES for technology that is backed by proven use, comprehensive services for delivering seamless customer experience while optimizing your resources. You will get grounded solution for long-term success to engage customers and keep up as trends emerge. With NITES you get the right answers along every step of your transformation journey.

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A way things are done in a smart grid focused industry in middle Europe.

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Your business is unique, but there are some common areas where most industry players have questions. If you are thinking of introducing digital capabilities to your customers, you might be considering a move away from a legacy system or a move to the open platform. You may want to engage your customers in designing the service while shortening time-to-market. And everybody wants to maintain the balance between value in exchange for money. Now you can leverage our tips and practices for making such move more successful and achieving your goals.

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Stay ahead of your competitors with innovations that keeps your customers happy and lets you build great and sustainable services. Partner with NITES to achieve capability for long-term innovation – from operational excellence, to customer engagement and value network. Leverage capabilities such as smart contracts, open API, business automation to meet the most demanding initiatives.

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Make sure your first steps are the right steps in you customer experience transformation. NITES Services provides you with valuable access to expertise powering the Smart transformation in industries. Business consultants help you define key outcomes, create an actionable roadmap with quick wins linked to your overall business strategy. Use comprehensive services, including assessments, workshops, access to expert consultants, and more, to get what matters most for you.

Strong brands team up with NITES