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Create exceptional customer relationships with NITES industry solutions and let our digital approach fuel your growth and smart spirit. By empowering customer engagement through providing smart services across digital channels with high degree of automation and simplicity, your customers have a consistent, seamless and personalized experience.

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Smart Grid

Monetize your smart grid and deliver unprecedented quality of service to your customers with NITES Smart Grid suite.

  • Level up your business efficiency by making decisions with genuine data science.

  • Assure your revenue and customer experience by enhanced VEE (Validation of Estimate and Editing) and antifraud capabilities.
  • Deliver high stability, minimize losses and operational disbalance through consolidation of your meter management infrastructure and related processes.
  • Build attractive, innovative and economically viable products that monetize your assets while allowing flexible changes in your business model.
  • Make your meter data management vendor and infrastructure agnostic to support instant feed of measurements from variety of meters and communication channels in large scale.

Smart cities

Make your place great for living and making business while developing enduring sustainability of resources.

  • Support engagement of citizens in both practical and strategic matters related to the place they live by bringing crowdsourcing capabilities to them.
  • Optimize management of resources and infrastructure to balance consumption profile with the available resources.\
  • Manage portfolio and lifecycle of civic services in response to operational as well as strategic needs of the citizens, enterprises and municipality.
  • Develop strong municipal asset register such as public areas and infrastructure passport, mobility maps that contribute to higher awareness, safety and quality of living as well as efficient municipal governance.
  • Strive for technological modernization, integration and conceptual solution of healthcare and social services that increase life quality of the citizens.

Digital healthcare

Get ready for digital transformation into the new generation healthcare.

  • Increase awareness and reinforce prevention by providing patients with up-to-date information regarding their health that matter most.
  • Shorten time to diagnosis by dynamically combining smart, medical devices and experts at different locations to provide timely but grounded baseline for the therapy initiation.
  • Make transparent financial settlements between the patient, clinic and the insurance company timely and efficiently.
  • Introduce new digital services like e-receipt that enable eletronic processing of prescriptions on-line and delivery of medicine through e-commerce or designated channels.


Level up the customer experience of government service for the citizens, enterprises, and the other state agencies.

  • Build robust, secure and flexible framework of digital identity that facilitate eletronic interaction with the government anytime and anywhere.
  • Enable grounded baseline for the eKYC services that allow fully digital customer experience for authentication on regulated B2C market.
  • Personalize the digital services so that the citizen can navigate quickly and consume the service easily from any smart device.
  • Set up transparent and effective fund management framework for individuals and organisations with projects that contribute to national development and wealth.


Increase digital engagement with customers by providing more targeted products and offers through an integrated customer view and data science.

  • Embrace fresh ideas and the latest thinking, with the ambition to deliver a model- and data-driven architecture that relies on the use of metadata, microservices and a clear set of normalized APIs.
  • Benefit from business assurance, not only in monetization, but also in generating and maintaining trust across the ecosystem and among end-users, as well as contributing to providing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Build new streams of value, be it smart grid, traffic management, smart building or digital healthcare by powering IoT, BigData and service interoperability.

Strong brands team up with NITES