Since our founding, our products and our company have undergone a significant transformation.
Therefore, we have invented the new identity which works its way to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for: state of the art software solutions and outstanding industry services – while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the maturity, functionality, and diversity of the entire product portfolio, and making a direct connection to the vision of Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmission, as the cornerstone of our branding.





The motive behind the logo is a silhouette of Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower for wireless transmission, erected on Long island NY in 1901.

The tower was intended to perform wireless telecommunication and transmit energy through the ground. The tower in our name is used to split company name in two, as it should be pronounced [niˈtɛsˈ] and not [naɪtez], as commonly did by native English speakers.


Capital letter T stresses the importance of Tesla’s name in development of modern society, and a symbol of Tesla unit for a flux density, while it remains being contemporary and in style with other software development and systems implementation companies.  The motive behind syllable T, also symbolizes the stability, wisdom and harmony from Greek mythology (Tau) and wide reach of our company that spans across multiple domains, while remains positive balance with other 4 characters.



We position ourselves as fresh & innovative vendor and experienced & trusted adviser to large enterprises allowing our clients to shift the focus from technologies to focus on number one priority –business. The main pillars of our brand existence is founded in


Extensive industry experience

We provide our clients a unique perspective based on a deep understating of your business and our industry to help you achieve top line growth

Dedicated business partner

Your trusted technology supplier, delivering the best customer services in the industry, helping our customers achieve growth together

Elegant Technology Solutions

Easy to use technology that simplifies how you run your business and freedoms you from single technology lock in to enjoy the benefits of diversity



Our expertise and practical know how informs everything we do


We are there for you with the support and guidance you need, when you need it


We are always improving and expanding our products, our services, and ourselves. 20% prove yourself, 80% improve


By decryption of the name of NITES, comes the story about who we are, what we do and why are we here for.


NITES stands for…

Never heard of us before, but you think that our products, services and solutions are outstanding? This is derived from the freshness and youth spirit that flows around all our employees and gives us power to run towards the goal and the ability to expand in the direction market expects from us. Association with new is the ability to learn what we will be underlining in our texts that will be backed up with bold statements and strong obligation towards the excellence of products and services we will provide to our clients.


Key to success in modern society is the ability to adopt and innovate. Our solutions are accepted by the market as innovative, pioneered to bring the competitive edge of our customers seeking for excellence. Our services model is far from the main stream and value model that we have carefully designed, allows us to drive more system integration and consulting opportunities in our direction. Most of all our innovations are intended for our clients and we are willing to adopt to their needs.


Our clients are well established companies with bad habit of being inefficient due to many factors. Therefore some of our clients intend to cut costs until they end up with nothing to cut and nothing to grow on. From NITES perspective this is a great opportunity to promote the availability of skilled resources under competitive prices, which are located close to the customer to avoid the unnecessary layer of staff and management needed to coordinate the long distance development and system support.


NITES stands for… STRONG

Many times our company presented awesome display of power in battles against the fierce competition and big players. Power presented in the field of technologies, negations, innovations and ability to constantly evolve and improve. All that has been just our tribute to Nikola Tesla’s bold step to move away from giant company and provide the world with timeless inventions. Our brand underlines that strength, precision and courage to exist in highly competitive markets with one of a kind and best in class products and services designed to improve the quality of living of a humankind

Logo NiTes width=

NITES stands for… TESLA

Person that has inspired writers, technicians, politics and artists. Syllables NIkolaTESla, is our association with this great scientist, and presents our way of how do we respect the history that has made the presence – our capability to learn from the past and apply that knowledge today to serve tomorrow – our vision and experience that will establish the company to become unforgettable as he was, an icon of modern technologies, Nikola Tesla.


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