NITES and TCN Nigeria met to discuss our Utility platform and future cooperation

April 28, 2023

Today, in Belgrade, we presented our innovative Utility platform to TCN Nigeria, a prominent power transmission company. We demonstrated the features and capabilities of our solution and how it can help streamline TCN Nigeria’s operations and how it can increase operational efficiency. We focused on MDM (Meter Data Management), AMM (Automated Meter Management) and ML (Machine Learning) modules of our platform.

During the presentation, TCN Nigeria’s executives expressed their satisfaction with the proposed solution and commended our team for developing such an innovative solution. Our platform offers a wide range of benefits to TCN Nigeria. It can help automate several manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve overall productivity. Additionally, our Utility platform provides real-time readings processing and analytics, which can help TCN Nigeria improve decision making process and optimize its operations.

We look forward to exploring further opportunities and collaboration.

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