Meter Data Managment (MDM)

Meter Data Management (MDM) is a technical system of Distribution System Operator (ODS) that serves to unify the data of all metering points (customers, manufacturers, control metering and exchange) and all readings (AMM, manually, using handheld and other devices), designed according to IEC 61968 group of standards.

The MDM system is designed for the evolutionary transition to smart meters, supporting in the process any method of measurement and type of reading. The results of MDM system analytics are validated and estimated readings (VEE), calculated consumption at the level of individual measuring points, as well as aggregate consumption and readings for more advanced analytics (loss calculation, analysis and load profiling, aggregation and recapitulation).

Key Functionalities:

Data acquisition

  • Planning and reading of mechanical meters
    • Manual readings (paper)
    • Readings using HandHeld devices (PSION) and mobile phones
  • Planning and reading smart meters by integrating with AMM / Head End systems
  • Readings from other external systems (Web self care, Billing, etc.)
  • Import of standardized replacement profiles from external systems

VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing)

  • Ensuring the quality of readings (interval and register) and marking the quality of readings through validation algorithms
  • Filling in part of the missing data or the complete period using estimation algorithms (interpolations, historical estimates, replacement profiles, etc.)
  • Correction of individual values and groups of values manually or based on the selected algorithm
  • Calculations of replacement profiles, aggregate profiles and profile prediction based on different algorithms

Energy calculations and consolidations

  • Energy calculation of consumption based on register and interval readings based on configured rules of tariff groups and consumption categories for each individual metering point.
  • Consumption aggregation statically and dynamically in order to generate consolidated reports and recapitulations.
  • Analytical functions of the system based on virtual consumption algorithms (formula and aggregation).

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