The proposed solution is based on the NITES Inventory system, which provides versatile functionalities for all levels of inventory management in the environment of the telecommunications operator, including physical inventory, logical inventory and service inventory.

The system is designed to provide the maximum level of flexibility and configurability in terms of defining new elements and adapting to new technologies. In this way, it is a very effective tool for inventory management in complex environments with different technologies, numerous equipment manufacturers and complex interconnection schemes.

The development of the system follows the following principles:

  • Maintains support for new technologies (LTE, IMS, …)
  • Monitors content delivery service trends and provides inventory support for them
  • Provides greater efficiency of correlation between functional
  • Provides a cloud based inventory solution
  • Improves data consistency with extended real-time interfaces of network elements
  • Expanding the possibilities of analysis and reporting by enabling 360 ° review of inventory information from any starting point (element, technology, manufacturer …)

Main functions:

  • Physical inventory
  • Logical inventory
  • Service inventory
  • Spare part management

The NITES Inventory system allows you to place any physical, logical or service element or module on several topologies of the appropriate type (topology type is related to the type of inventory resource being handled – eg physical objects cannot be placed on the topology defined for logical entities).

Placing an element on the heat map does not affect the attributes of the element and also removing the element from the map does not delete the element from the inventory database – the main goal of handling maps is better visual presentation of network inventory and easier access to necessary resources.

The analytics module allows you to create interactive reports using the entire inventory database, which allows you to create a selection of data by all available attributes such as manufacturer, technology type, product (or product module), year of production, maintenance status, etc.

The information available for analysis within the reporting module includes the amount of selected elements as well as data evaluated from maintenance information (number of regular and extraordinary procedures, total failure / failure time …). All prepared reports can be saved for future use or shared between users. The Reporting module further includes the ability to publish prepared reports on deshboards allowing easy access to most important data.

The system enables archiving of the part of the database related to outdated information. This information corresponds to the information on network elements that are disconnected and have not been used for more than the specified period. In order to prevent degradation of system performance due to the large amount of unused information, such data can be extracted from the production database and stored separately at the archiving location and finally removed from the production database.

The NITES Inventory system provides various options for integration with external systems or databases.

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