Smart Tourism

Presenting the tourist offer of every modern city, especially in front of foreign guests, is one of the priorities of modern tourist organizations in local communities, even at the state level. The idea that arose from the concept of smart cities is a “smart destination” with the aim of improving and enhancing the experience of visitors to that destination.
In order for a modern city to provide as much information as possible to everyone who comes to it, it is necessary that this information be presented at the right time, in the right place and in the way that visitors are used to.

Smart totem

One of the most used elements of Smart tourism, ie. destination promotion, is the Smart totem. It is a device that works on the principle of an interactive platform, on which visitors choose what kind of tourist information they want to see. The devices can be indoor or outdoor.

The administrative and users part of the software is located on the server, which is an integral part of the network, and can be physically located anywhere within the said LAN. From the server, as needed and after updating the data, user content will be distributed to all totems in the network.


  • Indoor and/or outdoor options, depends of requests
  • Utilise location effectively
  • Multilanguage support
  • Coordination with local tourist organization
  • Create a unique presentation feature
  • Raise city brand awareness

In a world where everyone is connected to each other, it is important that people and transport are connected with one another to work in harmony. Smart Digital totems are the key technological connections between travellers and the city. Digital totems are the most efficient and effective presentation system. Many states and cities across the world are reaping the benefits of digital totems to provide a sustainable and connected service and information for the tourists and city visitors.

Solar bench

A Smart Solar Bench with curved design, stainless steel for longevity and special wood cover for seating is appealing, but what if it rains? Having cover over your head is also crucial when you need to use the charging services or internet access during bad weather. What about sitting during the night? 10 watt LED panels will provide ambient illumination with high light efficacy, wide beam angle and long life span. You can sit comfortably and relax, regardless of electrical grid outages.

Each solar bench has a dedicated space for placing ads and public information to support public services and deliver faster ROI.


  • Solar panel, 140 W of power
  • Several built-in USB ports for free mobile device charging
  • Dedicated space for placing commercial ads
  • LED ambient light
  • Free Wi-Fi zone providing internet access
  • Integrated SOS button and a camera
  • Collect important environmental data

The Smart solar bench has a unique design and can be a great addition to the existing street furniture.
Working, studying, or just relaxing, it can all be done on this modern bench that features both wireless chargers and USB ports. Everyone will be able to chill and sit comfortably on it.


  • Indoor and/or outdoor options, depends of requests
  • Ambiental adaptive LED light
  • Commercial content and advertising
  • Solar panels for electric authonomy
  • Mobile phones chargers
  • Free wi-fi internet access

Smart benches are the smart urban furniture and sensor hub that uses solar energy to power environmental sensors and to provide free device charging for citizens. Its ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the urban impact on climate change and encourage action. Ever since the first Smart benches started emerging in cities across Europe, companies and property developers have recognized the opportunity to join the smart city drift, enhance their property investment and deliver the designated brand message to consumers in an innovative, engaging, and meaningful way.

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