Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

EAM is asset management software designed to optimize the performance of a company’s assets over their life cycle, and thus to increase productivity, drive efficiency and reduce operating costs. The solution offers several extremely useful options, such as asset management, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The asset management function enables analysis and optimization of performance and extended asset life cycle, as well as reduction of downtime. The solution boasts AI-based remote control options. In addition, it includes a maintenance prediction feature that uses insights from operational data and analytics. The system also includes business intelligence and reporting options for company processes such as work orders, inventory, suppliers, etc.

Management of business processes and maintenance processes is also provided for systems with a large number of remote business facilities (premises, branches, offices, plants, buildings …), ie maintenance of business premises in terms of hygiene, electrical installations, water supply and sewerage network, HVAC system , lighting, etc. It is possible to manage contractors and services based on SLA and evaluate their efficiency.

Support for connecting IoT sensors for preventive maintenance has been integrated.

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