Healthcare platform is an integrated system whichis compromised out of all the modules that a healthcare system should include. This is a prevention and diagnostic system, which covers all aspects of the solution (including infrastructure, hardware, software and connectivity services), and provides a tightly integrated solution and communication platform among all project participants. This is one of the most important systems in every modern local community. Under our Healthcare platform we have many possibilities available for the control and maintenance ofa patient registry, patient portal, radiology system, laboratory analysys, e-prescription, sick leave, referral, health insurance, billing system…

Standard features:

  • Uses standard protocols,
  • Easy integration with other medicine or IT systems,
  • Posibility for integration of the telemedicine modules,
  • Mobile and wireless solutions for connection,
  • Patient Billing Link to the Financial System or to ERP,
  • Allows the application of special services or healthcare procedures,
  • Microservice architecture allows flexible system adaptation in line with client requirements. Allows easy transformation from legacy systems to new digitalized paper less systems with minimum costs,
  • Vertical integration and central management. New rules are set on central platform and valid for all users in the same time.
  • Paperless business processes.


  • Ensuring the quality of readings (interval and register) and marking the quality of readings through validation algorithms
  • Filling in part of the missing data or the complete period using estimation algorithms (interpolations, historical estimates, replacement profiles, etc.)
  • Correction of individual values and groups of values manually or based on the selected algorithm
  • Calculations of replacement profiles, aggregate profiles and profile prediction based on different algorithms

Basic function centralisation (eHealth cloud) reduces the implementation footprint, increases doctor effectivity and simplifies the pathway for the patient’s access to the best healthcare possible (not just the closest one).

Main objectives:

  • Creating a unique information platform for communication between health care providers (services) and health care users (services) in the field of preventive health care (screening) and diagnostics
  • Generation of relevant data at the place of their origin (practice) by relevant persons (health care providers) and direct formation of an electronic database
  • Availability of relevant data to authorized users at any time, in any place and at all levels (health care users, health care providers, managers, analysts, decision makers …)
  • Reduction the possibility of error by using predefined controls and avoiding subsequent rewriting and data entry
  • Reduction of operating costs of health care institutions through a complete transition to business without film and paper / electronic business
  • Collection of data from each intervention / creation of a database, as a basis for analysis, reporting and development of activity proposals
  • Definition of a unified information system for archiving, analysis and processing of medical data in radiological diagnostic centers
  • Remote reading and exchange of results and operational exchange of data on performed screening tests
  • Overcoming the problem of lack of adequate radiological staff in certain geographical areas
  • Reorganization and acceleration of business processes as well as increasing labor productivity and utilization of existing radiological resources

NITES medical platform for prevention and diagnosis architecture is a three-tier architecture in accordance with the CEN prEN 12967 standard, better known as HISA (Healthcare Information Systems Architecture).

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