Waste monitoring

This is a complete solution for optimizing the garbage collection service, with the possibility of measuring various environmental parameters and with the use of modern digital technologies.

System components

  • Sensor that is built into the container
  • Vehicle tracking device
  • Database and business logic (“in the cloud”)
  • Client applications (web and mobile)
  • Data transfer is possible via mobile or LoRa network.


  • Visualization of garbage levels by containers on the map
  • Prediction of container occupancy
  • Visualization of the location of the garbage collection vehicle
  • Route tracking
  • Remote adjustable interval for sending measurements and limit values for alarm
  • Fire detection and alarm
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Alarm – notification in case of container emptying
  • 4G or LoRa communication
  • Defining the route for garbage removal in accordance with container filling
  • Defining arbitrary zones
  • Reports on garbage removal by region, container vehicle
  • Alarms and notifications


  • Optimization of the route of urban utility vehicles in order to reduce fuel costs, people engagement, use vehicles and increase the quality of service
  • Possibility of integration with fleet management system
  • Monitoring the activity of vehicles for collecting garbage from large containers (time and place of emptying) in order to prevent embezzlement
  • Monitoring the temperature in containers to detect fires

This system should reduce illegal dumping, which in turn will reduce health risks to the local population, improve hygiene conditions and the quality of the environment. Another positive should be to make the area more attractive to investors. All these improvements are accompanied by a revamped institutional framework based on the regional management of the new
waste operations.

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