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NITES Metering Data Management datasheet

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NITES Automated Metering Management datasheet

Control the infrastructure and power flows complexity with NITES AMM.

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One platform, multiple solutions. Hardened for the industry.

Cut loses

Work with instantly updated balance sheet to avoid commercial losses of not billing the provided energy as well as technical losses due to grid and changes of voltage.

Make customers happy

Prevent unplanned outages, undervoltages and master your customer data and tariffs to make your service great choice for customers.

Make right investments

Monetize your asset porftolio to achieve operational excellence and master your budget and procurement processes in line with fine-grained and accurate data driven forecasts.

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Increase sustainability

Let the environment thrive and sustain the natural resources when providing quality public services to your citizens,enterprises and maintaining competitive market.

Make life better

Leverage technology and processes that set high standard of living for citizens as well high standard of making business for enterprises in your region.

Involve ecosystem

Engage your citizens and enterprises into making their city smart by enabling crowdsourcing, feedback and Open data concepts that boost the ecosystem.

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Save lives

Orchestrate instantly data from multiple sources to deliver accurate and holistic information needed for life saving decisions.

Share workload

Prevent on premise specialists resource contention and reduce time to begin the therapy by enabling involvement of remote specialists into the diagnostic process through Digital cabinet .

Go digital

Expose your portfolio of medical treatment services over remote access through mobile application or IOT devices while not compromising the service quality and privacy.

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Roll e-Identity

Develop the nationwide capability based on unique e-identity framework linked with biometric data and use it across government services provided to citizens.

Ease financial duties

Facilitate secured electronic access for citizens to financial registries including tax statements, claims, tax application&submission and similar.

Streamline Social security

Expose digital services enabling guaranteed calculators, access to account, documents and information to social insurance holders and employers.

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Know your customer

Master customer and partner interactions on a basis of unified 360° customer view to achiveve personalized customer experience.

Introduce offerings fast

Create and monetize differentiated value proposition for your customers and value network through product management, omnichannel and convergent platform capabilities.

Grow your ecosystem

Deliver business agility through seamless end-to-end assembly, exposure and management of complex digital services.

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Turn smart experience into a strategic differentiator

Disrupt the industry you play by exceeding your business goals and customer expectations with the NITES BSS platform. NITES gives you the tools to master your operational excellence, foster innovation and business growth while maintaining high standard of customer experience. Embark with NITES on your business transformation journey.

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Strong brands team up with NITES