Portal is a web platform, which offers a set of services related to medicine, health care and healthy living. Business participants (entities) are: patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The general idea behind the system is that the resource must be:

  • Easy to use for different categories of users (patients, doctors, clinics)
  • Useful for target user groups
  • Such that it has a reputation as a professional medical resource

Portal is a modern solution for collecting, storing, modifying and presenting the medical data of the insured. It is made on the basis of the most modern technologies available in the form of open source frames that reduce the price and give maximum results in comfort at work, as well as security and comprehensiveness of system functions. He is designed so that the navigation between the pages is intuitive, and the landing page is of an attractive design and reflects the care of the user and his family with professional help.

For the purpose of increased security, and considering that all invited patients have the right to access the portal, access to medical data and identification of the person, it is done by checking with the PIN code obtained in the competent institution after the radiological findings.
During the radiological findings, the medical staff is required to complete the business process of identifying the patient through a health card and ID card in which the patient (health service user) receives a sealed envelope containing a special PIN code for opening medical data services. This leads to the actual identification of persons on the portal and triple authorization, whose level of verification is sufficient for use in the banking sector as well.


  • Patient-centric systems allowing better interaction between patients, doctors and institutions (1M+ registered patients in the Patient Portal system)
  • Increasing awareness & prevention by providing patients with up-to-date medical information
  • Presenting patients with a transparent overview of provided healthcare and associated costs
  • On-line prescription processing and delivery of medicine through ecommerce or designated channels
  • Integrated nationwide digital healthcare system


  • Profiles
  • Dashboards
  • Medical data service
  • Heltertalk

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