Video surveillance

Video surveillance (CCTV) cameras, which are commonly used by urban police and transportation departments, can be part of the suite of “smart” technologies – especially if the cities also use video analytics software to derive operational intelligence from the footage. Video contains a wealth of valuable information, but most footage is never reviewed and – even if it was manually reviewed – human analysts are rarely able to effectively comprehend or analyze all the data that lies within it.

Most cities already have video surveillance networks; so in order to maximize their existing investment in available CCTV networks and drive intelligent decision-making, Smart Cities are implementing video content analysis.

Video analytics software makes it possible to effectively review footage, respond to evolving situations, and research trends. Powerful search filters based on extracted and indexed video metadata make it easy for analytics operators to quickly and accurately search through high volumes of video footage from across multiple cameras, in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

System operators improve situational awareness of unfolding incidents, by configuring real-time, rule-based alerts leveraging the video metadata. Operators can be notified about objects dwelling, people-counts, and line-crossings, as well as when objects of interest are detected using license plate or face.
The video content collected over time empowers management teams to obtain valuable operational
intelligence from video, and analyze dashboard reports about object behaviors, interactions and traffic.


  • Prevent crimes and assaults
  • Consistently monitor activities & movement
  • Assistance in-vehicle surveillance
  • Add security & safety to each corner
  • Proactive & accurate record keeping
  • Gather high clarity evidence hi resolution videos

The metropolitan environment of today is dynamic and the threats from civil unrest, rising crimes, terrorist attacks, and natural calamities are rising rapidly. The majority of the global population has shifted to urban areas in the recent times. Therefore, governments are making huge investments in innovative and emerging technologies that broadley improve the safety net in cities. Installing cameras at strategic spots will not only transform a city into a smart city, but will be sure to make it even more attractive and prosperous. The ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyze videos is important for law enforcement as well, and the patterns and trends can be used for deeper insight into surveilled localles.

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