Air quality monitoring

This is complete solution for measuring various parameters of environment using the concept of IoT (Internet of Things).

System components

  • Measuring device
  • Database and business logic (“in the cloud”)
  • Client applications (web and mobile)
  • Data transfer is possible via mobile or LoRa network


  • Alarm notifications when measured values are outside the defined range
  • Integrated data processing algorithms


  • Processing and display of data in different formats
  • Calculating the Common Air Quality Index (CAQI)
  • API for integration with other ICT systems
  • Expansion capability to monitor noise levels
  • Geographical presentation of the state of precipitation
  • Music presentation of CAQI in accordance with tradition


A primary goal of the system is the protection of human health. Therefore, an important aspect of measuring progress in system is demonstrating that reductions in pollutant emissions and improvements in air quality have resulted in measurable health benefits or that preventative measures have averted a worsening of public health.
Ideally, an analysis of the benefits of air pollution mitigation for public health would rely on independent toxicological and epidemiological data that linked specific long-term air pollution trends with specific trends in public health.

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