NITES billing

The NITES billing system has a standard 3-layer architecture. The application is web-oriented, so it is not necessary to perform installation on client computers. The only thing client computers must have installed is some sort of web browser, as this is necessary to ensure that their performance is not impaired, and the current availability of some future changes to the application is not in question.

For the needs of the NITES billing system, additional optimization of the database and procedures was performed, because the additional number of CDR records that is characteristic of international settlement was taken into account, all with the aim of increasing the speed of record processing. The NITES billing system can be integrated in software and hardware into the already existing national inter-operator billing (ICM) system.

The web-based NITES billing Console application includes the following modules:

  • Account Editor
  • Security Administrator
  • Session Administrator
  • CG&Node Administrator
  • Partner Administrator
  • CDR View/Editor
  • Prefix Manipulation
  • RD Editor
  • RD Test suite
  • Routing Manager
  • Price list generator
  • Price engine
  • Service Administrator
  • CDR View

The NITES Billing OSS/BSS solution handles all major operations and business support system requirements for telecommunications operators that provide convergent services to their subscribers. The goal of the NITES Billing OSS/BSS solution is to handle a telecommunications operator’s most important day-to-day business activities. To achieve this goal, NITES Billing solution uses end-to-end scenarios based on the eTOM model.

The flexibility of NITES Billing allows for the creation of new tariff plans within hours and the introduction of new products within weeks. This is achieved seamlessly across a variety of types of networks and processing methods. NITES Billing is a component based system with well defined public interfaces that provide and consume services to and from other components.

It has a user-friendly environment and flexible administration tools, which makes it simple to use and allows it to easily follow and copy the development of business processes within the telecom organization. Furthermore, Nites Billing solution is built using a multi-tier architecture, which enables easy scalability, facilitating the growing performance needs of any organization.

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