Building management system

The main challenge in construction is to reduce energy consumption, environmental impact and carbon emissions while attracting competitive industries that generate jobs and growth, while ensuring social and social development and the well-being of citizens.

The biggest challenge in this area is the choice of new solutions, technologies and materials. Urban environments differ and requirements need to be combined to enable the industry to offer solutions that are fit for purpose while at the same time being reasonably priced and of quality that will last over 40 years.

NITES BMS system is designed and developed to provide an intelligent solution for all of the above needs.

Key features

Malfunction workflow management

Enables tenants (or property managers) to swiftly report any type of malfunction in a few simple steps, and provides full transparency of the process to all parties involved (service companies, property managers and tenants).

Access control

Sophisticated RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) system which includes all parties across the workflow, providing information on the when-needed and need-to-know basis.

Property management

Flexible organization of properties by units, groups and/or regions.


Seamless and secured communication between tenants and property managers within property units, covering:

  • Public broadcasting (from property managers to tenants)
  • Bulletin board (enables tenants to inform others about important issues affecting other tenants)
  • Direct Messaging

Service company management

Simple contract management tool that captures key information between property units and service companies, including monitoring of contractual expenses invoiced by service companies.

Transparent finances

Integration with major banks enables tenants to get insights into common funds and to monitor cash flow with the click of a button. It also covers tracking, monitoring and reporting on end-to-end malfunction resolution processes.

Archiving/paper trail

Searchable and filterable archive of all records monitored within the system, including financial data.

Simple Document management system (DMS)

Lightweight document management system for storing and important documents.


Customizable dashboards for overview purpose and/or analytical reports, along with import/export capabilities.

Cross-platform accessibility

NITES BMS solution seamlessly works across all devices, from desktops, tablets and smartphones.



  • Create and control multiple accounts (energy, water, heating…)
  • Insights into the entire workflow of every malfunction
  • Full participation in decision making
  • Residential Community Assembly Boards
  • Embedded Bank Statements
  • Online poll and voting system

Building Managers

  • Maintenance and Incident Management
  • Continual Maintenance and Activity log
  • Easy control of service companies
  • Appointing on-duty managers and deputies
  • Business and warranty reminder
  • Documentation Library

Service companies

  • Ability to respond immediately to malfunction
  • Inspect the malfunction before the repairman arrives
  • Detailed malfunction database
  • Analytics on daily, weekly, monthley, yearly basis
  • Assigning tasks to corresponding repairmen

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