Automated Meter Management (AMM)

NITES AMM is a standard-based software solution that collects, stores, processes and controls the automated metering infrastructure. Featuring adoptable communication systems with support of all standard based protocols, it allows collection of data from all advanced metering infrastructure points, leading to the more efficient active demand policies and better operational readiness of Utility Service Providers that serve clients with gas, water and electricity services or production.

System was designed with an idea to make the Smart Grid network visible and controllable over a single screen. The state of the art design of graphic user interfaces features ergonomically positioned for more convenience, allows system users faster and more productive environment for daily operations, and mostly allow instantaneous reaction on any incidents and alarms.

Central shutdown, reporting of individual or regional electricity consumption centers, alarms on different behaviours, fraud prevention processes, are just a few amazing features in NITES AMM. All features are enhanced to make everything intuitive, reliable, fast and easy to use, so that our clients can benefit from reduction in operational expenses, faster reaction time, less outages and better customer experience. NITES AMM uses contemporary standards and industry best practices for both design and development, with industry best practices deeply embedded into the project management to ensure future proof solutions to our customers.



By following the latest available standards and industry best practices NITES AMM communicates over protocols including DLMS, IEC 62056-21, IEC 60870-5-102, FTP NTP, SNMP, SOAP.


NITES AMM supports direct communication with any of the AMI equipment including RS-232, RS-485, PLC, PSTN, ISDN, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet


Collects, stores, processes, and control any type of smart me- ters for, water and gas with predefined interfaces for world leading meter brands.


The overall systems ergonomics is designed to be more intuitive and user friendly to maximize the operational efficiency and convenience of work.

Meter administration

NITES AMM allows adding, changing, activation, deleting, automatically detection of any all connected smart meters and slave-meters connected to it.

Data concentrators administration

Pre-packed with multiple communication channels, NITES AMM allows genuine administration of data-concentrators including adding, changing, activation, deleting and automatic detection.

Remote control of meters

Multiple functionalities of NITES AMM allow switching on and off, synchronization of RTC, changes of the tariff plans, load control profiling, configuration of load profiles and tar- iff plans, energy consumption limits, direct register read- outs, reading of all events from smart meters, readout of tariff data, remote firmware update, notifications on me- ters and in house displays.

Remote control of data concentrators

By using multiple channels of communication with DC, NITES AMM allows remote synchronization of RTC, man- agement of communication parameters, activation of me- ters on DCs, remote firmware update, monitoring of DC functioning.

Administration of AMM center

Featuring centralized control of the AMM system for single and multiple utility providers, user privileges and access rights, data filtering at the level of tables with all data centralized in a unified repository separated by the usage rightallowing multi tenant operations over single platform.

Advanced reporting

Embedded reporting engine in NITES AMM provides system’s users with overview of active and inactive users, changes of the tariff plans, overview of temper alarms, detailed breakdown of usage by meters or substation groups, overview of all tariff data for a single or a group of meters, overview of meter’s technical data.


  • Reduced meter reading costs
  • Ability to access difficult-to-read meters
  • Cancelation of estimated bills procedures
  • Improved field workers safety
  • Implementation of real-time pricing
  • Reduced read-to-bill time
  • Minimization of onsite staff
  • Minimization of trucking costs for distant read


  • Inefficiency of legacy meter to cash processes creates pressure on margins and profits subsequently driving to slow down of revenues, poorly managed energy procurement, often inefficient sales of peak consumed energy and high operational costs.
  • NITES AMM provide technological advantages of utility service providers, which drive the efficiency and reduces those impact factors significantly. Market liberalization puts additional pressure on incumbent providers and new competitive players. Diversification of the equipment on the market requires solution that is agnostic of the communication and protocols, through which data is collected.
  • NITES AMM is focusing on communication and data transmission from AMI equipment allows significant savings in network procurement and disables single vendor lock in.


NITES AMM has a detailed development roadmap that ensures releases of the most advanced functionalities requested by the more demanding market drivers challenging the utility services providers. Continues investment in research and development and active participation in all standardization bodies guarantee enrichment of the solution that already neutralizes the biggest challenges utility services providers feature so far, and confidently enables them to benefit from:

Reduced reading errors

By featuring the on demand meter reading, interval energy and demand meter reading, periodic smart meter reading and manual inputs of meter data form legacy meters, with advanced features of validation of data integrity—NITES AMM leaves no room for the mater reading errors, and allows genuine roll-back functionality that enables automatically or manual changes of the meter data.

Consumer privacy

Remote readouts of the hard to approach meters to convince of not any longer vising the customer on regular bases, provide more customer privacy and confidence in invoices delivered for the services used. By avoiding the direct contact with during the reading intervals allows utility services organization to structure better organized and more efficient cus- tomer relationship strategy.

Reduced bill costs

Advanced Metering Infrastructure controlled with NITES AMM eliminates the manual read-outs and expensive on-field staff for manual provided benefits of up to 30% savings. Such savings can be used for the improvement of in- frastructure and the personnel used for readouts can be trained to provide the necessary customer support.

Precise usage data

NITES AMM allows down to 10 minute interval readouts with processing of data through complex algorithms disallowing the not verified data to be structured or transmitted to any else utility ser- vices provider’s IT system. This guarantees 100% accu- rate data reads with possibility of manual or automatic changes of the collected data that maximizes the cus- tomer services experience and confidence.

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