Lighting management system

The issue of large energy consumption is a concern not only at a local level, but also globally. Public lighting has been named ‘the nervous system of a city’, connecting hundreds of millions of streetlights with access to power across the globe. This constantly increasing number has made lighting responsible for a staggering 19% of global electricity usage and is contributing towards the already exceeding levels of CO2 emissions. Service enables the management of public lighting,
optimization of maintenance costs and electricity consumption.

Municipalities face the challenge of creating a secure environment for its current and future inhabitants, while being energy and cost efficient. An obsolete lighting system can account for as much as 50% of a typical city’s entire energy bill.

Implementation phases


  • Record of the current situation, with a definition of all fixed assets based on agreed parameters
  • City tour and data collection in accordance with the city’s requirements
  • Records of the entire Public Lighting System (substations, types of lighting fixtures)


  • Procurement of smart cabinets and new LED lamps
  • LMS software could manage all fixed assets


  • Replacement of existing lighting with new LED lamps and
  • complete lighting control


  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Low operational costs
  • Safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards
  • Reduction of energy and maintenance cost
  • Citizen safety improvement
  • Enables remote lighting management and control

The installation of smart lighting solutions can play a key role in a smart city strategy, in which street and other exterior lighting installations serve as the backbone of a network in which services are delivered to the benefit of citizens, businesses, and the city government. The most cities that install new smart lighting or retrofit existing fixtures choose systems that already are equipped with sensor
technology or that can be upgraded easily to utilize the advantages of IoT applications.

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