Mediation is a process that is set up between the network elements and downstream applications. Mediation for billing system of mobile telephone network has the goal to produce processing of DR (data record) files, which are collected from different network exchanges, recorded in different format and delivered to mediation system. Collected DR files are converted into a single format for the billing system.

The main function of Mediation is to converse raw data into a form usable for data storage and data processing. The mediation system collecting DRs, checks their validity and correlates and aggregates them the on user database.

System steps:

  • Data collection
  • Data warehousing
  • Check-up
  • Conversion

File statuses, queues and parameters sent to the Web Service are all saved in the Oracle Database. Since it is possible to have a large number of files come in to the Web Service at the same time, those files are queued for processing, and their parameters are chronologically recorded, sorted in the database and sent for further processing. When a file arrives to Data Storage, its basic data is recorded, that is, the system stores the arrival time and file status showing whether the file was processed.

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