The ePrescription system provides the budget of the Republic of Serbia over 10 million euros for new investments in healthcare annually

March 27, 2023

At the recently held meeting entitled “Digitalization in the financing of health care”, which was attended by the Serbian Minister of Health Danica Grujičić, the Serbian Minister of Finance Siniša Mali, the Director of the RFZO Sanja Radojević Škodrić, and the directors of secondary and tertiary health care institutions, it was pointed out that Serbia is fully committed strengthening the health system so that citizens receive the best possible care and service.

On that occasion, the Minister of Finance emphasized that the introduction of centralized public procurement, goods and materials bookkeeping and the ePrescription system brings order to healthcare financing, with the aim of knowing precisely what every dinar invested was spent on, which shows the state’s responsibility.

According to him, significant savings are made in this way, and this money is further returned to healthcare by investing in medicines, equipment and hospitals.

“When it comes to ePrescription, I expect every doctor to follow the system’s recommendations, because it saves between 1.1 and 1.4 million euros per month, which is over 10 million euros per year. No one asks for every dinar earned in this way to be returned to the budget, it remains in health care. Because of these savings, we had the opportunity to acquire new innovative medicines and a larger amount of equipment,” he said.

NITES Belgrade d.o.o. is extremely proud to participate together with partners in this exceptional project, which enables significant financial effects, in addition to the fact that our team is fully dedicated to the maintenance and continuous improvement of the system.

So far, about 450 million prescriptions have been implemented through the system, which is an average of about 90 million per year. The eRecept system includes more than 5,000 pharmacies, 7,000 pharmacists and over 300 healthcare institutions.

In addition to the obvious financial savings that have been mentioned, the ePrescription solution also contributes to the protection of health data, which are particularly sensitive personal data. Bratislav Prokić, executive director of the Association Potent – National Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, recently spoke about this. Speaking on K1 television, he pointed out that digitalization now gives us the opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor “with a click”, to have all medical reports and findings in one place, and thanks to eRecept, to get therapy without walking around health centers. pharmacies. Thanks to ePrescription, Prokić pointed out, chronic patients today go for a check-up, for example, twice a year and receive a renewable electronic prescription for a few months and increase their therapy in the pharmacy until the next medical check-up.

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