NITES medical platform for prevention and diagnosis is a prevention and diagnostic system, which covers all aspects of the solution (including infrastructure, hardware, software and connectivity services), provides a tightly integrated solution and communication platform among all project participants, with clear lines of data protection, competencies, responsibilities and business processes. It provides the connection of existing radiological digital (DICOM) modalities and workstations into a functional whole (network) of all mammograms, all health care institutions and to support reading of mammograms and provide multidirectional electronic communication between all participants with the use of the highest standards in providing full functionality and data protection.


Some of major platform functionalities are:

  • Integration of diagnostic DICOM modalities
  • Organized, automatic assignment of health facilities (mammography center) to women covered by screening
  • Automatic scheduling of examinations via the online portal or telephone call directly to the assigned institution for examination;
  • Creating worksheets of invited women that are covered by screening by assigned filming locations;
  • Creating a list of screening beneficiaries for mother diagnostics;
  • Sending worksheets to health facilities for mother diagnostics;
  • Establishment of a protocol for mammography;
  • Recording of screening users and recording of data according to diagnostic and mamo procedures and protocols in DICOM format on the central system of archiving radiological images;
  • Central support of MPPS protocol of recordings to the central archive from all locations on the territory of the City/District/Country where a digital source of radiological images in DICOM format is enabled;
  • System of anonymization of screening and image users and creation of reading lists;
  • Double reading of the obtained images (in screening mode);
  • Establishment of radiological screening centers for reading radiological diagnostic and mammographic images throughout the territory of City/District/Country
  • System for automatically assigning images to double read / describe recordings from two different radiologists (in screening mode);
  • System of automatic assignment of the third reading if the first two readings / descriptions of the radiologist are different (in screening mode);
  • Reporting system;
  • Notification system for users and service providers for two-way communication in the form of a social network

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