NITES Solutions for smart power grids

May 30, 2023

The Serbian National Committee of the International Council for Large Electric Networks CIGRE Serbia consultancy meeting, the 36th such meet-up in a row, was held in Zlatibor. It brought together a large number of scientific and professional actors, organizations from the fields of science, electrical engineering and electrical industry at large, who have, through written professional-scientific papers and comprehensive expert discussions, given their contribution to solving current problems related to the operation and development of electric-power systems. At this year’s CIGRE consultation, NITES Group presented its own solutions in the field of smart power grids, which enable the collection, processing and analysis of data, as well as significant savings and optimization of the distribution network itself.

By using these systems, consumers receive much more accurate data, on the basis of which they can plan their overall spending. In addition, smart grids enable the collection of data regarding the production, which is a necessary precursor for establishing a system of renewable energy sources, primarily solar panels, but also mini-hydroelectric plants or wind generators.

ML (Machine Learning) algorithms were presented separately and in great detail, as they, based on data collected from smart power grids, complement the systems with weather data, enable better production planning, defect assessment, production simulation, consumption forecasting, anomaly detection and load profiling. All this is of great importance for the optimal functioning of the electric-power system in question.

NITES’ solutions in this field bring about advantages for the electric-power system in terms of cost savings and loss reduction, and system improvements can be planned due to better insight into the movement and flow of energy via the collected data.

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